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I have always had problems renovating my home, which is one of the reasons I started focusing so seriously on finding contractors. I began going through and looking for incredible places who could help with everything from replacing my carpet to taking care of finding new glass, and a few months ago, I was able to find a contractor that I felt really great about working with. They went through my home and replaced all of the auto glass, and I was really impressed with how great of a job they did for me. This blog is all about getting help with glass.




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Getting Help With Glass

When Should You Replace a Cracked Windshield?

by Lynn Webb

Are you a car owner? If so, you may experience a cracked windshield at some point. Many vehicle owners overlook this type of damage, and some do not know how to determine whether they need to be repaired or replaced. This is serious because some cracks can make driving with a cracked windshield dangerous. Perhaps you are wondering how to tell the difference between needing an auto glass repair or auto glass replacement. The following information will help you to understand how to determine which one of these will likely be needed.

Location of the Crack

A small crack in the center of a windshield or a ding from a flying object such as a rock can likely be repaired. Longer cracks and those located near the edges of windshields will likely result in a replacement being needed. This is because these types of cracks can negatively impact the structural integrity of windshields.

Safety Risks

Certain types of cracks can pose safety risks. These are often elongated cracks, which cause windshields to cave in. Also, a windshield that has damages that impedes a driver having a clear view can also be a safety issue due to a driver being at risk to have an automobile accident. Some vehicles are equipped with special glass that has technological features, which can negatively the vehicles' performance.


There may be laws in your jurisdiction that consider certain types of cracks as being a required replacement. This varies, and this is why it is an excellent idea to get a cracked windshield inspected soon after it is damaged. You might receive a traffic ticket, especially if a cracked windshield is deemed to be the cause of a traffic accident. It can also be a nuisance if you are involved in a traffic stop due to an officer seeing the damage.

Penetration Level

Auto glass is made from layers of glass which may also include a plastic layer. If the crack penetrates through all of the layers, a replacement might be imminent. This is because attempting to get the crack filled may result in leaks eventually and be a safety risk.

An auto glass repair service is a good resource to use to determine which service you need. A simple crack repair that is not addressed promptly can result in needing a replacement. This is why it is sensible to obtain a repair in a timely manner. Additional damages such as a crack getting larger can occur.