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I have always had problems renovating my home, which is one of the reasons I started focusing so seriously on finding contractors. I began going through and looking for incredible places who could help with everything from replacing my carpet to taking care of finding new glass, and a few months ago, I was able to find a contractor that I felt really great about working with. They went through my home and replaced all of the auto glass, and I was really impressed with how great of a job they did for me. This blog is all about getting help with glass.




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Getting Help With Glass

Are You Dealing With Your First Broken Windshield? Take These Steps To Repair Your Auto Glass

by Lynn Webb

Auto glass is designed to withstand the typical forces that occur with driving, and car windshields are made from materials that are meant to resist shattering. However, they are still vulnerable to damage from heavy impacts such as those that occur when a piece of gravel flies off the road at a high speed or a major hailstorm hits your area. While you might not always be able to prevent a need for windshield replacement services, you can take these steps to correct the problem so that it does not interfere with your safety.

Take a Picture of the Damage

The first thing that you will need to do is inspect the windshield for damage. Often, what appears to be a single chip may turn out to be more extensive damage once you really start to look at it. For instance, you may have multiple chips or a single one that involves cracks around the edges. Once you have identified all of the obvious damage, take a picture of it. This can then be used to document the event if your insurance requires proof of the need for a replacement.

Contact Your Insurance Company

You will next need to contact your insurance company to find out if a windshield replacement is covered. Often, major damage is covered under comprehensive insurance policies, but there may be stipulations in place such as a deductible that must be paid first. Once you know how much of the replacement is covered, you can then begin to arrange for auto glass replacement services with your budget in mind.

Check the Safety and Visibility

Windshield damage can range from a minor ding on the passenger side to complete shattering that obscures your view. Never drive a car that has limited visibility from auto glass damage, and keep in mind that glass can also pose a risk for serious injuries if it is falling out of its frame. If the car is not drivable, then let the repair company know. This way, they can arrange for you to have someone come replace the glass where you are or suggest that you call for a tow. Either way, prioritize your safety as you seek a windshield replacement.

Damaged windshields may be unavoidable at times, but you can take action now to preserve the value of your property and ensure the safety of everyone who rides in your car. By knowing how to identify serious auto glass damage and arrange for repairs, you will soon be able to enjoy driving with a clear view of the road once again.

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